Exceptional Representation at Every Level
at the Yocom Rine Law Office

In business litigation, before appellate panels, and in front of administrative and regulatory bodies at the local, state, and federal levels, Jana brings over two decades of diverse experience to the advancement and protection of her clients’ interests. Her lengthy record of success is built on a foundation of meticulous preparation, a tireless work ethic, and personal investment in her clients.

Appellate Practice

At Yocom Rine Law Office, we are dedicated to providing clients the highest caliber representation in all phases of litigation, including appeals.

Antitrust, Unfair Trade & Govt Contracts

The Yocom Rine Law Office closely monitors emerging trends in antitrust law in order to provide optimal counsel to commercial clients.

Business Litigation

Yocom Rine Law Office assists businesses through alternative dispute resolution and civil court trials in both state and federal court.

Commercial Litigation

Business owners and entrepreneurs turn to Yocom Rine Law Office because of her reputation for understanding her clients’ needs and for tailoring innovative strategies to fulfill them.

Regulated Business

We develop cases involving highly regulated businesses in disputes with the government, applying appropriate procedural mechanisms to alleviate constitutional overreach.

Energy and Property Litigation

The Yocom Rine Law Office handles disputes and litigation that arise during all phases of oil and gas exploration, development and production.

Jana Yocom Rine - Yocom Rine Law Office

Meet Jana Yocom Rine

Attorney At Law

When the stakes are the highest, when the issues are nuanced and complex, and when seasoned, creative, and dedicated advocacy is indispensable for obtaining a positive outcome, businesses and individuals across the country put their trust in attorney Jana Rine.

Straightforward Counsel and Optimal Strategies

Whether she is facing well-funded adversaries with seemingly unlimited resources or is pushing back against the power and reach of government regulators, Jana is steadfast in her commitment to providing straightforward and actionable counsel while crafting realistic strategies which offer the clearest path to an optimal result.

Appellate Process eBook Download - Yocom Rine Law Office

The 7 Most Critical Elements of the Appeals Process

Have you ever wondered if you could appeal your case? Jana Yocom Rine, Attorney in McKinney, TX, has compiled, read, and analyzed thousands of lawsuits and the case of every appeal brought before the Texas Appellate Court through 2004. In this whitepaper, Jana breaks down the 7 Most Critical Elements of the Appeals Process.


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