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Business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a commercial litigation attorney in North Texas turn to Jana Yocom Rine Law because of her reputation for understanding her clients’ needs and for tailoring innovative strategies to fulfill them. She monitors her clients’ businesses to counsel them on risk management and best practices.

She represents business clients in all types of commercial matters that may arise in various jurisdictions. Iron-clad contracts and agreements are at the core of your business success. Ms. Rine drafts and help enforce business contracts of every type, and she litigates when necessary if a contract has been breached.

The Yocom Rine Law Office commercial law services include:

The goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. Sometimes this means negotiating a resolution outside of court. At other times, complex, persistent litigation is required. In either instance, the Yocom Rine Law Office strives to provide the most effective, efficient representation.

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Commercial Litigation Attorney in North Texas - Jana Yocom Rine

Commercial Litigation Attorney in North Texas

Jana Rine is a highly sought after attorney with exceptional litigation and appeals experience in Texas, Missouri, and Illinois. For over 25 years she has represented her client’s best interests in trial courts, appellate courts, administrative proceedings, and supreme courts. Jana has been recognized for her work on cases throughout the country and has served on the Board of Directors of the Appellate Lawyers Association of Illinois.