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If you run a business, the last thing you need is a contentious dispute that devolves into costly and disruptive litigation. But when business and commercial disputes do arise – as they inevitably will – the first thing you need is a business litigation attorney who has the experience, acumen, and vision to efficiently achieve an outcome that is as positive from a business perspective as it is from a legal one.

For over two decades, businesses of all sizes have turned to commercial litigation attorney Jana Rine to find solutions to their thorniest conflicts. Jana has the advocacy skills, business acumen, and determination to advance or protect her clients’ interests in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

But Jana also knows that business disputes don’t arise in a vacuum. The outcome of a conflict can resonate far beyond the specific issues or relationships involved. It can impact operations, public perceptions, other business opportunities, and the bottom line. Jana recognizes that “success” in business litigation can be illusory if these costs, along with the money, time, and productivity spent on the dispute are ignored.

That is why she takes a holistic approach to business litigation, thoroughly understanding the smallest details while never losing sight of the big picture.

Clear and Actionable Business Counsel. Powerful and Strategic Business Advocacy.

Jana prides herself on developing solutions based on a full understanding of a client’s technology, industry, operations, and objectives.  This means that listening to and learning from her clients is indispensable for effectively advising and guiding them through a dispute. Usually, the litigation strategy can be developed from technical manuals and transaction documentation underlying the dispute. She works closely with each client to ensure that they understand their options and that they appreciate the potential risks and results before deciding on a course of action.

Clients trust Jana’s counsel because it is based on a realistic assessment of the facts and the law, leading to an approach that maintains the client’s integrity and unwillingness to compromise the truth. While she is always well-prepared and unafraid to forcefully represent her clients in state or federal court, she also explores every viable alternative for resolving disputes, whether in negotiations, mediation, or arbitration.

Diverse Business Litigation Experience

Business disputes can arise from any aspect of a company’s activities or any relationship, agreement, or interaction. Conflicts can involve customers, vendors, lenders, government regulators, or even once-trusted business partners.

Jana has solid commercial litigation experience across the whole spectrum of business disputes, including those involving:

  • Antitrust, unfair practices and trade regulation violations
  • Banking and creditor issues, including lender liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranty
  • Business torts
  • Construction law
  • Environmental law
  • Securities litigation
  • Intellectual property appeals
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Contract litigation
  • Injunctions
  • Unfair competition
  • Uniform Commercial Code matters

Focusing on Resolutions So You Can Focus on Your Business

As a business owner, you want to spend your time looking towards a profitable future, not focusing on expensive and contentious disputes. As an experienced business litigation attorney, Jana Rine understands that every moment and dollar you spend on litigation or any negative outcome diminishes that future. If your business is facing a complex commercial dispute, you can count on Jana to bring all her talents and efforts to bear on your company’s behalf.

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business litigation attorney in North Texas - The Yocom Rine Law Office

Business Litigation Attorney in North Texas

Jana Rine is a highly sought after attorney with exceptional litigation and appeals experience in Texas, Missouri, and Illinois. For over 25 years she has represented her client’s best interests in trial courts, appellate courts, administrative proceedings, and supreme courts. Jana has been recognized for her work on cases throughout the country and has served on the Board of Directors of the Appellate Lawyers Association of Illinois.